More Alarming Revelations about the 10 Network the Project Presenter Waleed Aly

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More Alarming Revelations about the 10 Network the Project Presenter Waleed Aly

Post by kid » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:41 am

More Alarming Revelations about the 10 Network the Project Presenter Waleed Aly
Controversial anti-Islamic activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes sensational claim about Waleed Aly
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CONTROVERSIAL anti-Islamic activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali has urged Australians to elevate Adelaide Imam Shaikh Tawhidi to the same celebrity status as The Project host Waleed Aly if it wants to send a message to Islamic extremists.

Talking to Andrew Bolt on Sky News last night, the former Dutch politician said: “If I analysed that kind of language and those arguments I think that he (Waleed Aly) is someone who has some form of a stake in a Muslim brotherhood-type of organisation.

“Waleed Aly has been elevated by Australian society and he’s made into a celebrity and what really Australia needs to do is take someone like Tawhidi and elevate him and have him sit with the government, sit with the media and sit with members of the academic elite and that would send the message to the Islamists that they welcome people like Tawhidi more than Waleed Aly.”

The outspoken critic of radical Islamists has sparked plenty of debate this week, despite not making it to Australia for a speaking tour as planned. The Somali-born activist argues Islam as a religion and ideology developed in the seventh century needs urgent reform by moderate Muslims, and governments in Western countries like Australia should devote as much effort to tackling the spread of radical Islam as they do to fighting terrorists.

Hirsi Ali is a fierce opponent of Islamists and their support for sharia law. She wants all Islamic schools closed and stricter screening processes introduced to identify Muslim immigrants holding radical views.

Her views have sparked death threats from hardline Islamists for many years, but also generated criticism from more moderate Muslims in Australia who say Hirsi Ali stirs up hatred towards them.

Nearly 400 Australians signed an online petition ahead of Hirsi Ali’s “Hero of Heresy” speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand, which was cancelled at the last minute due to security and organisational issues.

A group of six Muslim women including Melbourne chef and author Hana Assafiri also released a video in which they accused her being a “star” of Islamophobia, and using the language of white supremacists to profit from “an industry that exists to dehumanise Muslim women”.

Assafiri says Hirsi Ali’s views should be contested, and a more “sophisticated” conversation about Islam is needed in Australia, particularly at a time when One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has renewed her calls for a ban on Muslim immigrants.

“Her views lead to a spike in vitriol because there’s no right of reply or engagement,” Assafiri said, adding that Hirsi Ali had declined an invitation to meet with the Muslim women behind the petition and video.

Hirsi Ali hit back on radio station 2GB labelling the group of women “fake feminists”.

“I’m afraid many of the white feminists believe only white men are capable of evil and refuse to see what is done in other cultures,” The Australian reported.

“If you look at all the places in the world where Islam is the ­reality, life becomes a never-­ending series of suffering for men, for women, for homosexuals and religious minorities.” ... 1491557636

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