Forget Sydney and Melbourne

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Forget Sydney and Melbourne

Post by turn » Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:37 am

Forget Sydney and Melbourne
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Most Aussies in Sydney and Melbourne are fighting a lost fight from the start against foreigner investors who make up ¼ of buyers. Then on top of that they have nearly 300,000 + rapidly rising new immigrants and all their extended families all arriving by jumbo planes annually mainly from the Middle east, India and Pakistan as they leave their war zones and 3rd world slums behind to come here with their amazing skills to build the NEW AUSTRALIA as they head here with our open border policy armed with fake resumes and dodgy visas. The cities are bursting at the seams to cater for all the foreigners taking over our main cities. As soon as they get off the plane they all head to Sydney or Melbourne.

Aussies on borderline incomes have no chance of buying in our landmark cities. say goodbye as these cities are not for Australians any more but for rich foreigners and their rich student kids to play in. Sydney is turning into a mosh pit of ugly high rise apartments and a concrete jungle looking like Syria before it was bombed along with a culture-less society all segmented by which country you belong to.

Ask yourself, why the heck do you want to live in these cities when Australia has so many much more beautiful places to live?

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