Packing up and Going Bush

Looking for a place to rent, want to buy a home or maybe invest in a home, anything property and housing related should be discussed in this forum.
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Packing up and Going Bush

Post by whateva » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:28 pm

Good day there. I have been thinking about packing up and going and spending my money on living self sufficiently. I would love to get some feedback, tips and ideas.

My current situation is"

Single, guy in 40's, tired of not getting anywhere and hate living in my apartment.

I will have about 100k in cash in bank, that is it after I sell my current place in NSW and pay all bills including r/e agent, legals etc.
No other assets, no car and only small super.

I have been setting up a home based business I can run from anywhere but it only generates about $100 a week at the moment. But I expect that to grow steadily over the coming months.

I have not had much luck at finding other work.

My plan is:

Prepare home for sale and put on market, I don't expect it to tale long to sell as stock here is sold within days, weeks at most but I will ask for a premium price so it might take longer and if I get a top price I could have another 20k on top of my expected realistic price.

Travel to a few spots around Australia in plane to see places I could be interested to live in,
I have only seen NSW. Queensland is not that attractive to me but NSW, SA, TASSIE, VIC and WA are possible options. I do not like the cold though but could live with a few days here and there below 15.

To spend 5 - 8k on a van I can live and travel in short term so I can live in that once I sell home and use it to live in when I buy land.

I want to relocate by the beach preferably so I can fish (which I'm good at), hunt for food and grow gardens of fruit and veggies. Of course I will have to buy stuff initially but eventually I want to be as self sufficient as possible I was also a landscaper in the past so I'm good at building gardens which will be an important skill with my plan.

I want to find a cheap large piece of land like over 10 acres but preferably 30 acres plus for less than 80k. 60k would be better but in many places where land is cheap it's a buyers market so my plan is to make multiple low ball offers until I find someone desperate to sell (has the bank on their back etc). My plan is to find a number of properties for around the 80 - 100k mark and offer around 50 -60k or about 40% off. There is no extreme hurry so I can afford to wait until I get the right place at the right price.

Once I get the place purchase underway I will then buy my van and prepare to travel and move to my new land.

The property will be on or near a beach, have bush-land included and be at least 10 acres in size, the more the better.

Ideally the land would already have power, water connected or at least available to connect with little cost.

Internet is vital, so it must be able to get an Internet signal that is usable, the faster the better and options for several providers would be perfect.

The land would also need to have fertile soil.

I will live in my van if it has no shed or housing. If it already has a dwelling it would be a great bonus. But finding the best land for the price will be the main priority.

Ideally the land would be 20 acres +, have access for a small boat to get out to sea or to a larger boat, The perfect property would have a boat ramp in the back yard or a creek/river I could put one there.

On the land I will place some basic animals like chickens, cows, lambs etc and use those to breed more for my food. Fish and seafood will be a major source of my food so that is why it's important to live near the sea.

I will build a dream house slowly as my income improves but I don't mind roughing it up with a van, sheds and whatever until I get the home built. I will probably get the base down first once I make a deign and then build one room first to move into then build the rest of the house as I make money.

I will also mill my own wood from the land which will have plenty of trees I can use to build my home.

I will use town water and power initially if it's available but eventually I will be off the grid and get my own power and water.

Has anyone else tried such a thing?

I know many people would never do anything like this. especially in the world where everyone wants to be seen in the city with the latest smartphone and trendy clothes but I want the opposite, I want to retreat and live the life I want not what others expect.

I do not plan to totally retreat from society, I have many plans to travel and do other things as well but I would love to make my dream home before I do anything else. I don;t have much money but I'm used to living it rough and I can be happy just with a campfire as I would using the latest high tech stove.

Concluding my priorities for the ideal location:

#Under 80k
#Over 10 acres of land
#Near Beach and Sea
#Have fertile soil
#Have water and Internet, Power is a bonus but not vital
#be located in either NSW, SA, TASSIE, VIC or WA

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