Unemployed and Pensioners now Dehumanized to be worth Less than a Robot

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Unemployed and Pensioners now Dehumanized to be worth Less than a Robot

Post by Bill » Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:09 am

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Public servants could find themselves replaced with robots sooner than anyone expected with Centrelink soon to step up experiments with "virtual" welfare officers manning the agency's shopfronts around Australia.

Centrelink will soon have two robo-assistants answering questions from the public, one of them about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the other helping young people with the complexities of claiming student benefits.

Centrelink public servants could soon be replaced by 'virtual assistants'.
Centrelink public servants could soon be replaced by 'virtual assistants'.

If the trials are successful, the virtual assistants look set to be rolled out across other areas of Human Service's vast responsibilities, replacing the traditional public servant behind a desk or at the end of a phone line.

The giant department is already using a virtual assistant called 'Roxy', which answers internal questions from DHS's processing officials.

According to IT trade website iTNews, Roxy refers to the department's operational manuals to answer questions coming via Skype from its own frontline public servants on DHS"s complex policies and procedures.

Roxy supplies answers that used to be given by public servants who have now been freed-up to handle very complex problems which still require the human touch.

DHS says it sharpened Roxy up with some "real life" experience, feeding in every question and answer between claims officers and internal experts over a three-month period.

Human Services' Chief Technology officer Charles McHardie, told iTNews that Roxy is currently answering nearly four out of every five questions being put to her by claims officers.

"It's been quite successful reducing their workload," the senior official said.

Mr McHardie said he and his colleagues saw the virtual assistant concept as having a central role in the future of claims processing at DHS, which also runs Medicare, the Child Support Agency and administers some Veterans Affairs payments.

Roxy could play a central role in WPIT, the department's $1 billion welfare payments system replacement project.

"We see that as a core component of claims processing, whether it's with WPIT or in the department," he said.

But the big test is set to being in February when two new 'Roxys' are let loose on the public.

Mr McHardie says he and his team hope that virtual assistants could be the key to solving some of DHS's notorious customer service woes, reduce waiting times and free-up human public servants to help with more complex queries.

"It's a little more tricky because [a client] could ask a question in a myriad of ways; it's a less controlled environment," Mr McHardie said.

"Our vision is that in the future when you first interact with DHS, it's with a virtual assistant: you outline your circumstance - I've just lost my job, my mother has died, I've just been kicked out of home - so the virtual assistant will need to be able to deal with many elements of context.

"When you unleash [this] to 24 million Australian citizens, you need a better level of assurance."
what a slap in the face this is for Aussies who sadly find themselves unemployed in this day and age. With huge masses of immigration at nearly half a million a year now thanks to Turnbull and co pushing for as many visa stamps in their 3 short years to make up for the budget losses, it is difficult for many Aussies to find a job now with this mass influx of overseas workers, many with fake unverified resumes and documentation. now Aussies have to beg to a robot to get the dole which is harder to get now with so many new immigrants and their extended families all lining up as well.

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Re: Unemployed and Pensioners now Dehumanized to be worth Less than a Robot

Post by gaz » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:25 pm

the dole is hardly worth the effort these days, The dole has basically not risen at all over the last decade while things like food prices and the cost of living had gone up by at least quadruple. For example rump steak could be purchased for $10 per kilo a couple of years ago at some places. Now you would be hard pressed to find it heavily discounted for less than $20 per kilo. Look at house prices, Sydney for example, rent as well have all gone up many, many times. but still the dole remains at a few hundred a week which is barely enough to buy groceries these days let alone pay for rent and bills.

I also believe it is mainly due to the high influx of immigrant all demanding the dole as well. Now Aussies who have worked all their life and paid taxed find themselves unemployed have to line up behind all these mass immigrants at Centrelink. it really is a joke but a very dark one that is just going to get so much worse. We already see homeless people living on the streets like never before, it's now and Australian epidemic, not to mention all the jobs we have lost. meanwhile MT is pushing for more mass immigration growth and huge mass apartment buildings to be built to accommodate all these immigrants and their extended family's. its really incredible that Aussies continue to put up with this.

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